5 Easy Steps For Getting More Likes On TikTok

With more than 40 million downloads in the fourth quarter of 2018, TikTok managed to surpass Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. This app is different from other social media platforms. But, it is equally interactive, fun, and addictive. Maybe even more. 


The TikTok community grows by the day. So, it is only normal to want to be a part of this huge community. There is so much you can do, and you will fall in love with the comedies, lip-syncs, dances, skits, and challenges. 

If you want to be a part of the community, you are probably worried about the number of likes you get. Everyone wants more likes, more fans, and more following. The first thing that makes your videos stand out is the number of likes you get. 

People who make outstanding content instantly get more likes. But, these people already have a steady number of fans following them. So, what can you do to get more likes? Keep reading to find out.

How to Get More Likes on TikTok?

Getting the right attention will help you achieve success faster. It’s all about posting the right content, engaging people, and creating something that will satisfy the fan’s expectations. 

To see the number of likes you have, go to your profile. Under your name, you will see a set of three different numbers. The first part is for the following; after that, you have the number of fans, and lastly is the number of likes. This is the number you are looking for. See the screenshot below.

If you are not that confident in your skills, we’ve selected a few tips and tricks to help you get there. Follow this step-by-step guide to get more likes. 

Step 1: Be Original

The main rule of getting more people to like your videos is to post original content. You have to be confident in your skills and talent. There are so many users out there that make videos daily. What you need to do is stand out from the crowd. Without original content, you can’t make a name for yourself. 

Step 2: Promote Your Videos

People need to know you exist. If you don’t share your content, they will have no idea that you are making awesome videos. That is why it’s a good idea to promote your content on various other social media platforms. Marketing is the key to success. Write a catchy description and share the content for all to see. 

Step 3: Keep up With Trends

Right now, hashtags are all the rage. They are so popular, and you can search for any videos on the search bar by typing the hashtag. Use this feature to your benefit. Use the most popular hashtags to get more people to see your videos. This way, you can get a lot more likes than usual. 

Step 4: Engage Your Viewers

You should take good care of your fans and viewers. Watch their videos, reply to their comments, comment on their videos, etc. Simply, show them that you care. They will return the favor. It’s all about working as a whole with the community. The more you engage your viewers, the more they will come back and leave you a like. This is a perfect long-term tactic. 

Step 5: Motivate Your Viewers

Enthusiasts are people who talk about new events, things, or experiences. They motivate other people by sharing interesting stories. These stories captivate viewers. They involve them. If you want more people to like you, you need to be a positive Influencer, like an enthusiast. 


TikTok is a very fun platform to use. There is so much you can do. But, to get the following and the number of likes you want, you need to put a little effort into it. Follow the steps, and you will get there in no-time.