2 Ways Of Changing The Margins In Google Docs

When we’re working on a piece of writing or article, there are really times where we need to follow specific formats which often include having a fixed spacing, font size, font style, number of words, and margins. It allows for the document to look more organized, coherent, and easy to understand.


Changing the spacing, font size, and font style can easily be done by just accessing the menu bar. However, what about the margins? Some are having difficulty with this and so, in this article, we’ll talk about the easy ways of changing the margins of your document.

Changing Margins with the Ruler

Among the two methods, this is actually the longest one. Here’s how to do it.

1. Turn the ruler on by clicking the “view” option and “Show ruler” if it isn’t visible.

Locate the “View” option in the menu bar, click it, and then select “show ruler”.

2. Start with the left margin by hovering your cursor over the grey zone atop your screen.

When changing margins, you can start with the left margin by clicking over the pointer on the left section of the ruler.

3. Click and drag the gray zone to adjust its size.

If you want to make it larger, drag it to the right and left to make it smaller.

4. Start adjusting the other margins as well.

The process for this would simply be the same. Drag the grey zone on the vertical ruler at the left side of the screen to adjust your top and bottom margins.

Changing Margins with Page Setup

If the first method is quite complicated for you, the easiest one would be to simply just change the margins in the page setup. In just two simple steps, you’ll know how to do it.

1. Go to the “File” section and click the “Page setup” option.

2. In the dialog box, input your desired margin measurements in inches then click “Ok”.

Unlike the first method, you don’t have to manually estimate the margin size and just input it in the box spaces. Afterward, it will automatically change all your margins on the top, left, right, and bottom parts of your document.


Now that you’ve already learned the two methods of changing the margins in Google Docs, applying them will be much easier for you. Making articles with the default margin isn’t always the case for us, therefore, being mindful of the steps of changing it using the page setup and the ruler can be really helpful with taking into account the document instructions.

I think we’ve covered everything you need in this guide, that’s it for now!